Aggregate Automation System

Solution for Aggregate Automation System


Under the guidance of the overall goal of constructing intelligent mine, with automation, intelligence and networking as the main line, the automatic control system for sand aggregate production lines is developed. Promote one-key economic start and stop for the whole process, automatic adjusting process flow, realize unmanned on-site control, and intelligent process control; use online monitoring technology, intelligent diagnosis of health status, realize real-time equipment status, and panoramic production monitoring; Information technology is used as a means to promote data analysis and intelligent decision-making support; implement mining data collection, unmanned automobile transportation sales, and promote accurate and efficient management and control of the entire production chain. Ultimately, it provides support for the overall goal of "lowest cost and highest efficiency".


Production Process - Aiming at the whole process automatic control, improving the stability of the production line process

Perfect control model and improve feeding stability

First is to improve the operation efficiency of processes above the middle warehouse. With the middle warehouse as the boundary, the production line is divided into the upper and lower process units to realize independent interlocked control. The lower part consists of crushing and screening, and finished product wet separation.

One-key startup sequence of the main process unit is shown in the below figure, and the shutdown sequence is reversed:

The interlocked start sequence of the equipment is shown in the below figure, and the stop sequence is reversed:

The second is to continue to improve the constant ore feeding control model of the intermediate crusher. Through tracking and analyzing the constant ore feeding control model of the intermediate crusher, the program runs stably after being put into operation, and the feeding amount of the intermediate crusher is stable, which solves the eccentric wear of the lining plate, and the frequency of workers operating the intermediating crusher is significantly reduced, and the production line efficiency and medium breaker efficiency have been effectively improved. In the later stage, under the premise that the data of pressure, oil temperature and discharge port are included in the production line control system, it will research to incorporate the above data of pressure and oil temperature into the constant ore feeding control model of the intermediate crusher to realize constant power control; The suitable mathematical model for the discharging ore openings of both middle and fine crushing is used, to study the feasibility of the self-matching function of ore-discharging openings and improve the crushing processing capacity.

Research on the ore feeding stability control of magnetic separators, and realize the one-key start and stop for the whole process

Develop constant liquid level control for ore feeding of magnetic separators, stabilize ore feeding of fishing machine and stabilize the construction sand quality. Carry out median sampling and filtering calculation for the liquid level periodically, dynamically adjust the frequency amplitude value according to the difference interval with the target value, set the upper and lower limits for the liquid level and frequency, stabilize the ore feeding pool liquid level of the magnetic separator, and prevent the abnormal phenomenon of pool spillage and motor burnout. The workers can reduce the attention paid to ore feeding, to pay the most attention to the overall production operation.

Establish the relationship between clean water systems and achieve water balance

Through analyzing the water balance system, the water used in the production line is return water and circulating water, and the return water is mainly used for supplementing the circulating water, sealing water, and diaphragm pump tank. At present, the water supplementing for diaphragm pump tank can be controlled automatically.

Equipment - Aiming at the healthy and stable equipment operation, real-time grasping the operation status

Combined with the actual situation, distributed implementation to improve the maintenance capability of the control system

Improve and master the principles and ideas of the equipment's initial control system, and improve daily maintenance level.

First, the control function is directly incorporated into the automatic control system of the production line to reduce the communication load between the controllers.

Second, incorporate data such as pressure, temperature, and discharge port into the automatic control model.

Use online monitoring technology, timely and intelligently diagnosing equipment health status

First , continue to strengthen the automatic data collection capability to realize the automatic collecting the number of vehicles; synchronously develop the statistical data analysis at different period to provide data support for computing vehicles per hour.

Second, use online detection technology to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the equipment. Detect the temperature of the wet screen exciter of the coarse and intermediate crusher, and set the alarm value, and automatically alarm when the data is abnormal. Establishing communication between the automatic lubrication system of the magnetic separator with the automatic control system of the production line, and incorporates the lubrication system data into the main control system for monitoring to ensure that the equipment achieves the lubrication effect.

Informatization - based on on-site test data, strengthen data application to ensure the healthy operation equipment

First, vigorously promote applying equipment health management system. Complete the health analysis model of belt equipment and cone crusher whose data is incorporated into the system in a real and effective manner, especially conduct in-depth discussions on energy consumption, current, and lining plate wear, establish a suitable mathematical model, and through automatic system analysis, an appropriate health index is given. Combining with equipment and informatization specialized staff regular analyze the effect, constantly improve the model, and increase the promotion and application of the system, so that the health data can be closer to the reality, intuitively reflect the current equipment situation, early warning the hidden dangers, and avoid equipment failures. Provide support for the stable production.

Second, strengthen the process information management and control capabilities. Based on the mineral processing technology platform, develop the process technology module for the aggregate production line , incorporate process data of crusher discharge opening, screen replacement into the information management and control, establish a process adjustment standardization system, and provide support for the quality and efficiency of the production line .

Main Control Room Upgrade - Aiming at visualization system, re-planning the main control system

In accordance with the principles of overall planning and beauty, a visualization system is built, and the software and hardware in the main control system is re-planned.

First, redesign the upper computer screen of the control system, smooth the relationship between equipment and processes, restore the on-site status, especially the water system and the magnetic separation sand fishing system, to promote the rapid and accurate control and adjustment of workers.

Second, uniformly upgrade the operating display, equipped with double-arm brackets for the display, and cancel the redundant standby computers, and finally retain two computers for production line control, one for cone crusher, two for video monitoring, and one for dispatching, which achieves the effect of neat and beautiful layout.

Third, install a wall-mounted splicing screen in the main control room to centrally display the main screen and video screen of the automation host.

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