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Beijing Soly successfully implemented the safety dual control management system project


Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. and Daixian Mining Co., Ltd. successfully signed the contract of "Safety Double Control Management System Project" in July 2022. The project focuses on the management ideas of full participation, clear responsibilities, process management and control, system management, PDCA cycle, and focuses on 15 safety management modules, including safety risk hierarchical management and control, hidden danger detection and management, training, education and examination.

Site survey of the Owner

Safety experts participate in the meeting discussion

After signing the contract, Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. immediately established a project team to settle in the owner's unit, and quickly built a prototype system of security dual control management based on the security dual control management information platform with independent intellectual property rights of Soly. In the process of project construction, the project team has been affected by adverse factors such as epidemic situation for many times. The project team has launched the emergency plan in time and adopted remote office, daily summary, weekly report and other methods to effectively reduce the impact of adverse factors on the project progress.

Project team development discussion

Recently, the project has been put into operation in Daixian Mining Co., Ltd. as scheduled, and several rounds of personnel training have been carried out as planned.

Online training of the Owner

Through the construction of a safety dual control management system, the problems such as unclear division of responsibilities, untimely monitoring of hidden danger rectification, heavy daily statistical work of managers, and the impact of offline centralized examination on production will be effectively solved, and the construction goals such as safety responsibility detailing, management system standardization, knowledge accumulation specialization, on-site management mobility, and intelligent analysis and evaluation of modern county mining safety management will be finally realized.

Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. bases itself on the industry, devotes itself to the industry, constantly develops the market, creates safety dual control management system products, and makes positive contributions to improving the intrinsic safety management level of enterprises.

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