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Logistics management and control platform system -- your intelligent logistics butler


Logistics is the economic lifeblood of enterprises. Under the background of intelligent manufacturing, the establishment of intelligent logistics system is the only way for the intelligent development of enterprise logistics. Beijing Soly Logistics Management and Control Platform is an information system integrating intelligent measurement system and logistics management and control system. Carry out all-round control and escort for enterprise logistics business.

The system business mainly includes purchase and sales business and reshipment business. It is mainly used to manage vehicles in the process of purchase, sales and internal reshipment.

The system functions mainly consist of core modules such as contract order, customer management, vehicle dispatching management, voice command, black and white list management of vehicles, on-board terminal, unattended weighing system, unloading point confirmation module, etc.

Transfer business: the system realizes closed-loop control of the whole process from ore loading confirmation to automatic weighing in the weighbridge room to dumping confirmation at the dumping point.

In terms of process, through the process management of reshipment vehicles, the risk problems of repeated weighing of vehicles, strong randomness and other non compliant transportation are solved.

In terms of data, through multiple weighing comparisons between the shipper and the receiver, the in transit consumption verification is conducted online. For vehicles with excessive in transit consumption, abnormal alarm reminder, blacklist addition, vehicle shipment prohibition, etc. shall be carried out.


Through the dual control management on the process and data, the logistics risk problems such as more than one truck for reshipment and goods loss are solved.

Secondly, through the periodic management of the wagon, the wagon will automatically become invalid when it expires. Solve problems such as vehicle modification and replacement, and avoid vehicle cheating, which will cause unnecessary economic losses to enterprises.

Purchase and sales process: realize the process management of dispatching vehicles independently from customers and suppliers, receiving orders from drivers, entering the factory for registration, weighing vehicles, loading in the warehouse, printing tickets and leaving the factory.

In terms of process, through the process management of export vehicles, the problem of miscellaneous vehicles entering the factory and returning to the warehouse after weighing is solved, and the risk management problem of finished product shipment is solved.

In terms of data, alarm will be given in time in case of abnormality through historical tare weight comparison of vehicles, shipment volume monitoring, etc.

Through the dual control management of process and data, we can solve the logistics risk problems such as the modification of shipping vehicle carriages, the replacement of vehicles, the loss of goods, and the overshipment of goods, so as to remove the worries for enterprises.

The Logistic Control and Intelligent Measurement System of Soly has obtained the software copyright in 2018. It has been successfully launched in West Mining Zinc Branch, Hebei Mining Division, Huaxia Longbaotong Mining, Baitong Mining and Jindi Mining.

Through the construction of Beijing Soly Enterprise Logistics Management and Control Platform, an all-round logistics management and control system will be built for enterprises. Realize the de termination of measurement scenarios, the process of logistics business, and the intelligent management and control. Solve on-site remote operation and maintenance, unattended weighbridge, logistics risk prevention and control and other management problems. Assist the logistics management department to improve work efficiency and management level. Promote the development of enterprise logistics intelligence.

Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the construction of enterprise intelligent management and control, and provides consultation and guidance on the construction of intelligent measurement system and logistics management and control system. It guarantees the intelligent construction of enterprise logistics.

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