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Fight the epidemic, ensure the progress, stick to the post and show responsibility


The 280 level of Shangqing Mine in Jilin Tonggang Slate Mining was shut down in August. As a necessary condition for the resumption of production, the unmanned electric locomotive project is very tight. Slate Mining Company and Tonggang Group attach great importance to this project, and the project pressure is very high. Members of the Project Department were established in August, then equipment procurement, installation and commissioning were carried out, and finally put into operation in November, which was recognized by the Owner and the municipal and provincial emergency management bureaus. The smooth operation of the project can only be ensured thanks to orderly organization during construction and commissioning.

1. Operation time guarantee: the cage transportation capacity of the auxiliary shaft of Shangqing Mine is poor, and more than 100 workers go down the well every day. To speed up the project progress and improve the operation efficiency, the members of the Project Department follow the first shift of cage to go down the well every day, and try to shorten the waiting time for cage.

2. Reasonably arrange the plan: set up a WeChat group for project management and construction personnel at the first time, and the project manager will coordinate in a unified way. Every afternoon or evening, arrange the work plan for the next day in advance and send it to the WeChat group, and the construction unit will uniformly communicate it at the morning meeting of the next day to maximize the work efficiency, and share the daily work content.

3. High intensity of physical labor: the distance of 280 operation horizontal roadway is too long, and it takes 1 hour to return to and from the locomotive chamber. In addition, when debugging the locomotive, it takes about 15000 steps to return to and from each tunnel, and everyone wears rain boots underground.

4. Technical breakthrough: At the early stage of project commissioning, technicians encountered communication problems with ABB frequency converter. In order to achieve unmanned driving of electric locomotive as soon as possible, the project technical director took a set of frequency converter equipment from a standby vehicle, took it to the residence, went down to the well for commissioning in the day, and returned to the residence for continuous commissioning at night. The test lasted until 2 a.m. every day. After seven days and nights of efforts, this major problem was finally solved, During this period, the basic daily sleep time is 5 hours.

5. Taking the project as the home: the project leader was directly transferred from Inner Mongolia to Baishan in early July to take over the unmanned electric locomotive project under Shangqing Mine of Tonggang Slate Mining until early December, and returned to his post only after a three-day rest during the National Day.

6. Peak shift operation: At the initial stage of base station commissioning, the locomotive often gets stuck and disconnected during driving. Slate Mining Company attaches great importance to it, and Tonggang Group sends three craftsman level experts to the project department to provide assistance. In order not to affect production, the Project Department decided to take advantage of the non production time from 0:00 to 8:00 at night to rectify the antenna position of the base station. After 4 days and nights of efforts, the problem of signal jamming was finally solved, and 3 experts of Tonggang also successfully evacuated from the site of the Project Department.

7. We are not afraid of difficulties and work together: the lunch time after going down the well cannot be guaranteed. The temperature in the well is low, and there is no microwave heating equipment. We can only rely on bread, milk and other food brought in the morning to feed our hunger. Sometimes we even go on the well with an empty stomach until 15:00. The members of the Project Department did not complain about the harsh environment on site, and everyone showed their team spirit with a positive and high attitude.

8. In the face of the epidemic situation, we actively cooperated: in mid November, the epidemic situation in Baishan City was severe, and we always communicated with Shangqing Mine to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control policy. At 6:00 a.m. on November 29, Baishan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office released the city wide control measures. We immediately communicated with Shangqing Mine and organized personnel to carry household goods in the factory to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

During the outbreak, we witnessed the overall cohesion and execution of the company and the firm belief and dedication of each miner. I believe that with the joint efforts of all staff, all difficulties will be overcome and all difficulties will be surmounted. Those who stick to the epidemic situation are fulfilling the responsibilities of miners with their own practical actions,

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