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EPC Solution for Unmanned Track Haulage System of Underground Mines



With the transformation and upgrading of mines, mine production has shifted from the original extensive production mode to a large-scale and refined green mine production mode. This further requires professional management and technical control. Through the precision management, fine technology and operation, the professional team organically combines the links in the mining development process to maximize the resource utilization rate and the resource benefit conversion rate, and reduce the operation risk of mining enterprise, realize efficient integration of resources and maximize the profit of mining enterprises.

The EPC of mining projects is a transformation of the mining development system. Choosing EPC can free mine owners from busy work to do more valuable things. EPC and "turnkey" projects are two of the more common mine contracting modes.

1. EPC, the abbreviation of design, procurement and construction general contracting project, means that the company that signs the general project contract undertakes the design, procurement, construction, trial operation services and other work of the project in accordance with the contract, and is fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period and cost of the contracted project.Work, and fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period and cost of the contracted project.

2. Turnkey project refers to a general contracting model with a wider scope of business and responsibilities formed by the extension of the general contracting of engineering design, procurement and construction projects. Turnkey projects not only contract the construction and implementation tasks of the project, but also provide comprehensive services for the pre-work and operational preparation of construction projects, the scope of which includes:

(1) Research on investment opportunities in the early stage of the project, project development planning, construction plan, feasibility study and economic evaluation;

(2) Engineering survey, overall planning scheme and engineering design;

(3) Project procurement and construction;

(4) Project mobilization preparation and production and operation organization;

(5) Planning and implementation of project maintenance and animal husbandry management.

Relying on its own advantages and cooperation with Shougang Mine Construction Company and other units, Beijing Soly Company has opened the EPC general contracting mode of track haulage system for underground mine, offering customers a faster, more practical and applicable contracting mode.

The basis of technical plan preparation:

(1) Mine feasibility study and initial design;

(2) Relevant drawings and demand analysis;

(3) Requirements of relevant national and industry standards and regulations.

The scope of general contracting project tendering:

Transportation system, loading system, unloading system, wind and water piping system, power system, lighting grounding system, network communication signal system, video monitoring system, unmanned driving control system (with debugging) in the middle section of transportation, the specific content is as follows:

Transportation system: procurement and construction of rails, rail switch, rail scales, and switch machines; procurement and construction of ballast and sleepers; procurement and installation of lineation;
design, procurement, construction of wagons; procurement and installation of pusher, stoppers and cradles for horse head gates.

Loading system: design, procurement and construction of loading station and material level detection system.

Unloading system: design, procurement and construction of unloading station (including drive device) and material level detection system.

Wind and water pipeline system: Procurement and construction of compressed air self-rescue pipelines in the middle section transportation. Procurement and construction of water supply and rescue pipelines in the middle section transportation. Procurement and construction of local ventilation equipment.

Power system: cable laying from the central substation to the substation in the mining area; installation and commissioning of high and low voltage cabinets and transformers in the substation; cable laying from the substation to the traction network; power supply cable laying and installation of electrical equipment in the disaster shelter chamber in the middle section transportation. electrical power supply and distribution installation and commissioning of electric locomotive and wangons maintenance chamber; electric hoist installation and commissioning in chamber; optimal design, procurement, installation and commissioning of traction rectification system at transportation level; procurement, installation and commissioning of traction networks.

Lighting and grounding system: procurement, installation and commissioning of equipment and materials for lighting and grounding systems.

Network communication signal system: design, procurement and construction of wireless network, wired network and traffic signal system.

Video surveillance system: design, procurement and construction of video surveillance (ore loading, transportation, unloading, track switch, traction substation, auxiliary shaft horse head gate, etc.).

Unmanned control system (unmanned train system): realize the full combination of signal centralized closed system and unmanned train system at the transportation level, and finally realize the unmanned train operation in the whole process of loading, transportation and unloading; including the purchase and installation of electric locomotives, wagons, etc.

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