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The Invitation of Early Summer - Take the Qujiang Light Rail and Dream of Returning to the Tang Dyna

The plums are yellow and the trees are lush, andit is the time for tourism and leisure season. Today, let's go to Xi'an, theancient capital of thirteen dynasties, take the Qujiang light rail, travelaround the sleepless Tang Dynasty town, appreciate the profound culturalheritage of the ancient capital, and dream of returning to the Tang Dynasty!



Qujiang Light Rail is located in Qujiang NewDistrict, Xi'an, and is a supporting amusement facility for tourism andsightseeing in   Xi'an Qujiang National 5A Scenic Spot. The total length of thelight rail is 6.8 kilometers, with a total of 3 trains, 2 for transportationand 1 for standby, 9 stations and 1 maintenance station along the line. Theelectric monorail overhead tour bus is used to operate in opposite directions.



In July 2021, Xi'an City officially launchedthe Qujiang Sightseeing Light Rail Reconstruction Project, with a view tocreating a new tourist line that walks on the context of Tang culture. WithQujiang's prosperous Tang culture as the background, it will use the "airtour bus" to show the great prosperity of Tang's grace and culturalcustoms, providing a new way of tourism for domestic and foreign tourists.



Soly contracted the design, programming, construction,installation and commissioning of the light rail operation control system,mainly including the safe operation of locomotives, the linkage operation ofplatforms, the linkage operation of turnouts, the autonomous locomotiveavoidance, and the wirelesscommunication network and other subsystems. At present, the system functiontest and safety test have been completed, and it has passed the acceptanceof relevant special inspection departments.



In this project, Soly adopts the distributed control system composed ofSiemens fail-safe PLC as the framework, the point protection as the safetycontrol core, and the ground optical fiber ring network and vehicle-groundwireless communication to realize the vehicle operation process. Securityprotection and operation status monitoring ensure safely and reliably operatingthe overall project.




Since Soly entered the field of unmanned railtransportation, in the past ten years, it has completed constructing more than20 underground unmanned locomotive projects. The operation is stable andreliable, which has been well appreciated by the owners. The successfulimplementation of the operation control system of Qujiang light rail indicatesthat the application of Soly’s autonomous locomotive operation system hasleaped from underground to ground, and from carrying cargoes to people! It isalso a new milestone in Soly's deep cultivation of intelligent manufacturingand intelligent operation!

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