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Soly Leads the Innovation and Development of MES


The MES in Zhongsheng Metal Pelletizing Plant contracted by Soly Company was launched on schedule with the efforts of the MES project team of the Software Division! It is another major informatization construction project after successfully implementing Anhui Jinrisheng MES system project!

The project mainly includes developing and implementing more than 10 functional modules such as production management, scheduling management, quality management, measurement management, pelletizing batching, mobile terminal, and real-time database, and the operations cover the Scheduling Center, Quality Planning Department, Mobility Department, Sales Department, and all the implementation work has been completed.

MES Management Cockpit

The implementation of this project has improved the overall information management level in Zhongsheng Pelletizing Plant. By management cockpit function, managers can intuitively and quickly understand the on-site production and operation status of the enterprise and the operating parameters of key equipment; the pelletizing environmental protection indicator panel reflects the on-site desulfurization data information in real time; through the key data parameter curve, it can dynamically monitor key points and temperature trends.

After the project was launched, the daily report statistics mode has changed a lot, from manual statistics to generating system report automatically, and professional managers are relieved from the complicated manual report statistics work, which greatly reduces the workload of data statistics. The system adheres to the principle of "data should came from the same source", automatically counts and summarizes production data, and further improves the accuracy and timeliness of production report data. The implementation of the MES system regulates on-site employees how to do daily data maintenance work. The system adopts the abnormal data identification function to monitor whether there is a large deviation in the data maintained by the post personnel, and to ensure and improve the data quality from the source of production data.

During the implementation of the project, great attention was paid to the presentation of function details, and functions such as scheduling reports, scheduling report board, and management cockpits were introduced to the mobile phone to simulate on-site process drawings, and managers can monitor the production and operation status of the enterprise anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the integrated enterprise WeChat technology is used to accurately send the shift and daily production data, and energy consumption data to the enterprise WeChat group, realizing the transformation from "you looking for data" to "data looking for you".

Soly keeps pace with the times and keeps innovating. In the construction of MES system, it adopts cutting-edge IT technology and management concepts, combines the needs of the mining market, realizes the perfect integration of technology and application, and continues to contribute to the intelligent manufacturing of enterprises.

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