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Driverless Locomotive + Industrial 5G, Leading the "Intelligent Change" in Fujian Makeng Mining Comp


Recently, Fujian Makeng Mining company's "driverless locomotive system + industrial 5G" is in trial operation. In this project , Soly, which has rich successful experience in the integration of driverless locomotive driving and industrial 5G, joined hands with Fujian Longyan Unicom to successfully realize the unmanned locomotive "equipped" with the industrial 5G wireless communication network stably run in the drift of Makeng Mining Company! It will make an important contribution to Soly continuously promoting new operation mode of "driverless locomotive system + industrial 5G" in the mining industry at home and abroad!

Fujian Makeng Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Longyan City, Fujian Province, and is mainly engaged in the developing iron ore and molybdenum ore in Makeng Mine. Soly Company undertakes the unmanned transformation project of driverless locomotive haulage system at 0m level. The project contract mainly includes system design, programming, construction, installation and commissioning of locomotive unit, ore loading unit, operation unit, unloading unit, orbit control unit, traction power monitoring unit, rail weighing unit and many other sub-units. Compared with other driverless locomotive projects implemented by Soly, this project not only has more subsystems, but also has more and longer drifts, more switches, more chutes, and more locomotives produced by different manufacturers which enhance the difficulty of realizing the driverless locomotive system. Relying on its strong technical strength and implementation experience in the unmanned driving field, Soly Company has finally solved all technical difficulties by conducting technical discussions with rail-weighing manufacturer, signal collection and closing manufacturer, and locomotive manufacturers, and finally solved all the technical difficulties, and realized fully automatic operation of the entire unmanned system, including the ore loading unit.

At the same time, Soly made full use of the "large data volume, low latency, wide bandwidth" and other characteristics of the 5G communication system to re-optimize the locomotive control system, "signal collection and closing" system, access control system and integrated dispatching system, and develop on-board 5G wireless communication, and successfully integrates the unmanned driving system of electric locomotives with industrial 5G, realizes the unmanned driving and intelligent scheduling of trains in high-speed communication mode, and comprehensively improves the stability and reliability of the system!

The operation of "driverless locomotive system + industrial 5G" in Makeng Mining Company has completely changed the transportation mode at the 0 m level; improved the transportation capacity of the entire transportation system; reduced on-site operators, reduced personnel safety risks, and improved safety management and control level; enhance the automation and intelligent application capabilities of mine rail transportation, and lead Makeng Mining to "intelligently change" quickly and efficiently!

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