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The fruit of midsummer –  5G+ unmanned train driving system bears fruit in Hunan Gold Woxi Mine


Recently, Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the 5G+ unmanned train driving system in Woxi Mine of Chenzhou Mining Company of Hunan Gold Group, and bears fruit”. At present, the unmanned train is running smoothly with 5G communication.

The 16 middle-section of Woxi Mine is located about 400 meters underground and is an important hub for ore lifting and transshipment and the haulage way is about 2.4km long. Due to the long transportation distance, drivers operating the trains are prone to fatigue driving, and the labor intensity underground is high, the working environment is harsh, and the risk of occupational diseases is high. Therefore, it is very important to complete the unmanned train driving transformation for the 16 middle-section with high quality.

Soly Company undertook the unmanned train driving transformation project. Throughout the midsummer, the engineers of the Chenzhou Mining Project Team from Soly Company overcame the difficult working environment and difficulties such as high temperature, high humidity, and heavy workload. Through transforming the electric locomotive, switch machine, the unloading station, and the shafts in the 16 middle section, building the main control station and the control sub-station, it has realized the precise positioning of trains, and completed the automatic control of the switch machine, signal light and unloading station; it builds the 5G communication network, centralized control center, video monitoring system and locomotive control system, and finally succeeded realize the unmanned driving and automatic unloading of the trains in the 5G high-speed communication mode, and comprehensively improve the stability and reliability of the system.

The operation of the unmanned train driving system in Woxi Mine has completely changed the transportation mode and working mode at the 16 middle section, improving transportation efficiency, reducing on-site workers, decreasing personnel safety risks and improving the level of safety management and control, which accelerates the development to the high standard direction of "mechanization replacing workers, automation reducing workers", and lays firm foundation for further improving the automation, digitalization and intelligence level of underground mining and transportation in Chezhou Mining Company, and also adds a fruit to the tree of intelligent mine construction of Soly.

Constructing intelligent mines is the future development direction of the mining industry, and it is also an important guarantee for realizing intrinsic safety and sustainable development. The successful implementation of the 5G+ unmanned train driving system has promoted Chenzhou Mining Company of Hunan Gold Group to make new breakthroughs in constructing intelligent mines!

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