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Pay Respect to the staff who insists on business trip  during the Mid-autumn Day Holiday


hometown is our caring

Working on business trip is our responsibility

Going back home is for union

Keep working is for promise

Mid-autumn Day Festival

More than ten employees from Soly are working on their business trip during the Mid-autumn Festival,

Gansu, Yunnan, Shanxi, Jilin...

They scatter throughout the whole country from east to west, from south to north,

They work hard in major mines in the country.

Pan Haitao, a software developer from Soly is currently working at the 1703m-level construction site of the underground driverless train project in Longshou Mine of Jinchuan Group, Jinchang City, Gansu Province.


This project is the first unmanned electric locomotive project based on the dumper unloading process implemented by Soly, which now is in the stage of systematic remote interlock test. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, he will design and develop the automatic interlock unloading function according to the control requirements of various processes of the dumper, and complete the system debugging to ensure the progress and quality of the project.


Gu Yanbo, an engineer from Soly i s currently working at the 1751m-level construction site of the driverless train project in Chihong Zinc and Germanium Mining Company in Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province.


He arrived at the project site on August 17. As the project leader, during the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, his key task is to debug the trains, wireless base stations and other equipment. He set himself a small goal: to achieve remote driving of electric locomotives during the owner's holiday.


Cui Guangyou , a hardware engineer from Soly currently is working at the construction site of truck fleet management project in the Hequ Open-pit Coal Mine of Shanxi Coal Group in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province.


At the beginning of July, after returning home from the Hushan Uranium Mine in Namibia, he participated in truck fleet management project in Hequ Open-pit Coal Mine of Shanxi Coal Group and came to the project site on August 30. The project has a total of 90 sets of equipment, and 42 sets of equipment have been installed so far. As the progress is more than halfway, he plans to use the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday to work harder to complete the installation of all equipment as soon as possible.


Huang Yongchao , a hardware engineer from Soly, is currently working in Jingtieshan Mining Company, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, who is responsible for the intelligent transformation project of driverless trains.


The construction site of this project is located on 3400m level in the Heigou mining area. The difficulty lies in the fact that all the wagons use pneumatic side unloading, and the original unloading method is artificial inflated. In order to realize fully automatic unloading, it is necessary to reform the gas path of each wagon and install a control box. During the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, as the project leader, he will organize the construction team to lay optical fibers, cables, install switch machines, cameras, base stations and other equipment.


Dong Yushuai , a software engineer from Soly is currently working in Shangqing Mine of Tonggang Stone Mining Company in Jilin Province, he is responsible for organizing the underground driverless trains project.


He directly arrived at the current construction site from Inner Mongolia Jindi Mining in mid-July, and participated in technical exchanges, contract signing, and project construction. The project contains 8 trains totally. The main task at present is equipment installation. During the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, he plans to complete the installation and control transformation of two trains, accelerating the project and describing whats the Soly brand.

To the Staff from Soly who works on business trip

Pay Respect

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