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Pay tribute to every Soly worker at the scene of Julong Copper Mine


Cinnamon fragrance, golden autumn in October. In the face of round after round of sudden attacks of the epidemic, in order to ensure the smooth connection of various work during the special period, the employees of Soly Company are united, stable and orderly, and they are committed to fighting on the front line of the scene of Tibet Julong.

In June this year, Wang Lianshuai, Zhang Shiwei and others arrived at their destination, the highest mining area located on the roof of the world at an altitude of 4700 meters - the Zijin Julong Mining Area in Tibet.


The purpose of this trip is to install and debug new terminals, so that the mine can reach intelligent, high-yield and efficient mining as soon as possible. In order to ensure high-quality and efficient completion of work, their daily time is full of work. At 8:00 a.m., they arrived at the mining area and began to work. They did not return to the hotel until about 11:00 p.m., as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, in order to solve the needs of the owner as soon as possible.

At the beginning of August, a sudden epidemic spread across Tibet, making it more difficult to advance the already urgent construction time. They not only have to face the harsh environment, harsh climate and physical discomfort to the plateau, but also have to solve the inconvenience caused by the shortage of materials in life.

According to the epidemic prevention policy, the mining party was not allowed to enter the mine. The previous hotels refused to stay because of the policy, and the surrounding hotels were almost full. After several twists and turns, they found a hotel to solve the problem of food and accommodation.

After the problem was solved, they continued to actively communicate with the mine for many times, striving to go to the mine as soon as possible and continue to promote the project progress. However, as the epidemic situation in Tibet has gradually worsened, the local situation has reached the point where hotels cannot get out, but they have not given up. In order to ensure the smooth development of the work, they set about preparing relevant plans and materials for the follow-up work in the hotels, and in order to enable the owners to achieve intelligent, high-yield and efficient production and mining as soon as possible, they are conscientious and work hard, They always fought at the front line with high work enthusiasm and a serious and responsible attitude, and said: "The epidemic situation can not stop our determination to catch up with the project. The epidemic situation is a test, but also an opportunity. In the hotel, we will also do our own work well and arrange the subsequent work, so that the owners have no worries."


As a technical engineer, they never forget their original intention, forge ahead, and fully demonstrate the belief that "lack of oxygen is while not lacking in spirit, and higher altitude with higher standard". Time goes on and ingenuity goes on. Practice the original mission with hard work and demonstrate loyalty and responsibility in ordinary posts.

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