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Surface Production Command Center Solutions



Most of the domestic mining enterprises have established personnel positioning, wired communication, video surveillance and underground control systems to realize the basic application of safe production. However, because each system is independent of each other, there is no integrated communication, and various information cannot be comprehensively applied for unified dispatching and command. Therefore, the establishment of a production command center is an indispensable link in the production control and management of an enterprise. It is a command department that coordinates the management personnel to organize production and construction. It coordinates and coordinates all aspects of production and construction, so as to realize the production command of the enterprise, which is accurate, fast, and comprehensive. The main hub of balance.

The goal of building

Keep abreast of production and operation dynamics at any time, do a good job of comprehensive balance, solve problems between various departments and links in production and operation activities, implement centralized and unified command, and ensure the smooth completion of various indicators of the enterprise. Comprehensive scheduling, statistics, and summarization of safety production information to provide a reliable basis for leadership decision-making.

System composition

The ground production command center is responsible for the automatic control and management of the entire mine production system and equipment. Unified central control of equipment by the center. Mainly include control systems such as crushing, lifting, dry selection, water pump, ventilation, narrow gauge, ramp, etc.; the system center equipment such as wired communication, wireless communication, personnel positioning, closed-circuit monitoring, and informatization are installed in the production command center. Control.

Comprehensive display platform

The large screen of the command center displays massive data, video surveillance, decision-making platform and other information, which helps decision-makers to effectively screen and gain insight into information and assist decision-makers to make decisions. Different splicing styles can be designed according to needs to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Multi-system integration

The organic integration of the "six major systems" and the production control system can effectively integrate the working condition information, environmental information and production information of each underground production link under the same platform, realize in-depth data mining and analysis of each system, and provide Decision-making information, realize real-time control of production links, and achieve the goal of "integration of management and control" and reducing staff and increasing efficiency.

system effect

The command center is centrally controlled, and the scene is unattended;

Provide real-time operational data for quick decision-making;

Centralized scheduling, unified command, and optimized resource allocation;

Data is digitally transmitted and stored to eliminate information islands.

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