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The six systems for safety and escaping  from danger



To fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and follow the concept of common development, all systems must be safe in metal and non-metal mines. Ensure that the construction and implementation of the "six systems" adhere to mutual coordination. Ensuring personnel safety is the premise and paying attention to the life and health of employees. Based on underground safety production data, voice, and images, establish a comprehensive management platform for safety production, display underground safety production data intuitively and in real time, fully control the situation of underground safety production, improve disaster-resistance and risk-avoidance capabilities, prevent production accidents, and ensure underground mining production.


The system is constructed based on the guiding ideology of "practical, reliable, advanced and economical", meets with relevant regulations and specifications and combines the actual needs of underground mine to realize the high-precision positioning of personnel (vehicles) underground, the tracking and analysis of personnel (vehicles) activity trajectories, and management of access to key areas/restricted areas, etc., to realize the integration of monitoring and management, improve the safety production management level of mining enterprises, improve the informatization level of mining enterprises, and lay the foundation for constructing intelligent mines. Realize the integration and linkage with safety monitoring, emergency broadcasting, video monitoring and other systems, improve the level of safety prediction and early warning, and realize in-depth analysis and comprehensive utilization of safety monitoring and monitoring information. To save costs, strengthen production safety management, improve work efficiency, and meet the needs of mine safe production, it does not only meet the current production needs, but also conform to the mainstream development direction of future mines, and maintain the advanced nature within a certain period of time.


Location and tracking of underground personnel;

Two-way voice communication above and below ground;

Real-time online monitoring of key underground equipment (such as fans, pumps, etc.);

Underground real-time production data monitoring and analysis;

Video monitoring and surveillance of key underground locations;

Monitoring and monitoring of underground water supply, air supply and power supply;

Underground local fan interlock control to achieve on-demand air supply;

The refuge chamber guarantees emergency avoidance in the event of a disaster;

The compressed air self-rescue system provides sufficient air to meet the breathing needs of refuge miners;

The water supply rescue system provides sufficient living water for refuge miners.


Accurate positioning to improve disaster reduction and rescue capabilities;

Real-time monitoring, timely grasp of production information;

Platform management, unified production command and dispatch;

Practical system, cost-effective, safe and reliable;

Standardized construction, in line with national rules and regulations.

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