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The Solution for Unmanned Track Haulage System



At present, the domestic underground rail transportation system is driven and operated by post personnel on site. Each train needs a driver and mine worker, and the process of locating, loading, driving and drawing can be completed through their mutual cooperation. Under this situation, it is easy to cause problems such as low loading efficiency, abnormal loading and great potential safety hazards. The underground rail transportation control system first originated in abroad in the 1970s. The Kiruna Underground Iron Mine in Sweden first developed wireless remote control trains and wireless communication technology, and successfully realized the wireless remote control of underground trains. Throughout three-year independent research and development and field experiments, Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. at last put the automatic train running system online on November 7, 2013 in Xingshan Iron Mine of Shougang Mining Company. It has been running stably until now. The system successfully realizes workers can work in the ground control center instead of underground, and realizes the automatic operation of the underground rail transportation system, and gained the following achievements:

Realized automatic operation of underground rail transportation system;

In 2013, realized the remote electric train control system at 180m level in Xingshan Iron Mine, and won the first award of metallurgical mining science and technology award;

Applied for and obtained the patent in 2014;

In May 2014, the project passed the first batch of demonstration engineering acceptance of the Safety Technology “four batches” of the State Administration for Safety Management and Control.


The automatic operation solution of the underground rail transportation system developed by Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. has been applied for and obtained the patent and has been conformably recognized by relevant national departments, which is enough to prove that this system successfully combines communication systems, automation systems, network systems, mechanical systems, electrical system, remote control system and signal system. The train operation command is carried out with the optimal driving route and cost-benefit accounting method, which significantly improves the utilization rate, capacity and safety of the railway line. Accurate train positioning is achieved through odometers, positioning correctors and speedometers. The train control system (SLJC) and the signal centralized closed system based on the wireless communication system realize the fully automatic operation of the underground rail transportation. The system integrated with the original transportation system in the mine, has expansibility, which meets the needs of different customers, and is suitable for underground mines with rail transportation.

System composition

The system consists of train dispatching and ore proportioning unit (digital ore distribution system, train dispatching system), train unit (underground train transportation system, automatic train protection system), operation unit (underground signal centralized closed system, operation console system, wireless communication system), ore loading unit (remote chute loading system, video monitoring system of remote chute loading), and unloading unit (automatic underground unloading station system and automatic cleaning system).

Figure 1 System composition diagram

Train dispatching and ore proportioning unit

Establish an optimal ore proportioning plan centered on the main chute. From the unloading station, following the principle of stable output grade, according to the ore reserves and geological grade of each chute in the mining area, the system digitally dispatches trains and blends ores; according to optimal ore proportioning plan, the system directly arranges the production plan, determines the ore drawing sequence and quantity of each chutes, and determines operating intervals and route of trains.

Level 1: Ore proportioning in the stope, that is the ore proportioning process beginning from scrapers excavating ores and then dumping ores to the chutes.

Level 2: Main chute proportioning, that is the ore proportioning process from trains loading ores from each chute and then unloading ores to the main chute.

According to the production plan prepared by level 2 ore proportioning plan, the signal centralized closed system directs the operation interval and loading points of trains. The remote-controlled trains complete the production tasks at the main transportation level according to the driving route and instructions given by the signal centralized closed system.

Figure 2. Frame diagram of the train dispatching and ore proportioning system

Train unit

The train unit includes underground train transportation system and automatic train protection system. Install the automatic industrial control system on the train, which can communicate with the console control system in the control room through wireless and wired networks, and accept various instructions from the console control system, and send the operation information of the train to the console control system. A network camera is installed on the front of the electric train which communicates with the ground control room via wireless network, to realize remote video monitoring of railroad conditions.

Figure 3 Train unit picture

Figure 4 Electric train wireless video

Operation unit

Through the integration of signal centralized closed system, train commanding system, precise position detection system, wireless communication transmission system, video system and the ground console system, the system realizes operating underground electric train by remote control on the ground.

Ground remote control operation: the train operator in the control room issues a ore loading application, the dispatcher sends ore loading instructions according to the production task, and the signal centralized closed system automatically changes the traffic lights according to the line conditions after receiving the instruction, and directs the train to the designated chute to load. The train operator remotely controls the train to run to the designated position through the handle. The system has the function of constant speed cruise, and the operator can set different speed at different intervals to reduce the workload of the operator. After reaching the target chute, the operator remotely conducts ore drawing and move the train to the right position, ensure that the loaded ore quantity meets the process requirements; after finishing ore loading, apply for unloading, and after receiving the application, signal centralized closed system automatically judges the railways and command the train to the unloading station to unload ores, then completing a loading and unloading cycle.

Fully automatic operation: According to the command information from digital ore proportioning and distribution system, the signal centralized closed system automatically responds, commands and control signal lights and switch machines to form the running route from the unloading station to the loading point, and from the loading point to the unloading station. The train fully automatically runs according to the comprehensive information and commands of the ore proportioning and train dispatching system and the signal centralized closed system. In running, based on the precise train positioning system, the specific position of the train is determined, and the pantograph is automatically lifted and lowered according to the specific position of the train, and the train automatically runs at fixed speeds in different intervals.

Figure 5 Signal Centralized Closed System

Figure 6 Operator Is Driving The Train

Figure 7 Main Picture of Remote Control

Loading unit

Through the video images, the operator operates the ore loading control system to realize remotely ore loading in ground control room.

Figure 8 The Picture of Selecting the Feeders

Figure 9 Loading Unit

When the train arrives at the loading chute, the operator selects and confirms the needed chute through upper-level computer display, to connect relationship between the controlled chute and the ground control system, and issues commands to control the selected chute. By switching the video monitoring screen of each feeder, the vibrating feeder and the train are operated in a unified and coordinated manner, so as to complete the remote loading process.

Unloading unit

Through the automatic unloading and cleaning system, the trains complete the automatic unloading operation. When the train enters the unloading station, the automatic operation control system controls the trains speed to ensure that the train passes through the curved rail unloading device at a constant speed to complete the automatic unloading process. When unloading, the cleaning process is also finished automatically.

Figure 10 Unloading station

Figure 11 Unloading Unit Picture


Realize no one working in the underground railway transportation process.

Realize automatic train running and improves the system operation efficiency.

Effect and economic benefit


(1) Eliminate potential safety hazards and make the train running more standardized, efficient and stable;

(2) Improve the transportation, production automation and informatization level, and promote management progress and revolution;

(3) Improve working environment and improve the transportation production efficiency.

Economic benefits

(1) Through the optimized design, realize optimal ore proportioning, reduce train number and investment cost;

(2) Reduce human resources cost;

(3) Improve transportation efficiency and benefits;

(4) To ensure stable ore quality;

(5) Reduce the power consumption of trains.

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