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Solution for Remote Scraper Driving System



According to the intelligent mine construction plan: intelligent mining aims at unmanned control and autonomous operation of single equipment. On the basis of underground communication platform having been constructed, seize the favorable opportunity of the rapid development of modern information technology represented by the current Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, virtual reality, blockchain, 5G, etc., and take the single equipment in the mining area as a breakthrough, research and implement remote control and automatic driving of key equipment, provide a benchmark for the construction of mining intelligent mines, and enhance the influence of the domestic mining industry .

Among the stope operation equipment, the electric scraper is at the heart and is the ruler of the mining capacity of the mine. Its automation level has strong reproducibility and promotion; at the same time, due to its poor working environment and heavy production tasks, it is urgent to liberate the scraper drivers, practice the essential safety concept of "The less people working underground the safer" in underground mining, and put forward the research on transformation for the remote scraper driving.


The target is to implement transformation for remote scraper driving, so as to solve the contradiction between the increasing production tasks and the bad on-site environment.

System composition and architecture

Video Module

The video system is a key link in remote driving which is the only way the operators to understand the situation on site. The system uses high-definition vehicle-mounted cameras and other equipment to achieve this function.

Scraper Excavating Picture

Anti-collision radar module

LIDAR, ultrasonic radar and domain controller cooperate to complete the anti-collision function. Install the lidar on the edge of the scraper to realize this function.

Remote driving positioning module

The real-time position of the scraper is confirmed by the positioning module, which is convenient for remote and intuitive operation.

Vehicle-mounted control box

The vehicle-mounted control box is responsible for collecting the running status information of the scraper, controlling the output of operation commands, and exchanging data with the remote console. The vehicle-mounted control unit controls the action of the bucket, big arm, left and right steering, and running direction, and at the same time monitors the status of the scraper, collects system information, and makes intelligent judgments to assist the driver in operation;

Handheld remote control module

The handheld remote control module includes a handheld remote control terminal and a remote control receiving terminal, which can realize remote range of visibility control.

Communication transmission module

The communication transmission undertakes all communication tasks between the remote control operation platform and the scraper, including the control communication between the platform to the scraper, the communication of uploading the equipment status information to the operation platform status monitor, and the communication of uploading information from the video system to the operation platform video monitor.

Remote control operation platform

As a display platform for the entire system, the remote control console mainly collects all handle and switch data, the scraper video, the display the running data of the scraper, and the navigation display of road information. The seat adoptes a six-position adjustable seat for improved operator comfort.

Effect and benefit

The picture of the remote scraper driving system

The system is stable, fast in response and high in accuracy, which can meet production conditions on site. After the driver is trained, the remote driving efficiency reaches 81%, and the efficiency will be further improved after subsequent proficiency.

Changing the driving from underground on-site to remote control, prevent four operators from working underground 4, eliminate bumps during driving, keep away from dust, toxic and harmful gases, etc., reduce the risk of occupational diseases, and operators facing roof falling and improve the intrinsic safety level.

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